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Monday, October 27, 2008

Statement From Northern Kentucky Biologists

As promised, the biology department at Northern Kentucky University has released a statement on evolution in response to the mock trial held last week at the school, which let local citizens vote on whether public school science teachers should be allowed to teach religious concepts like creationism and "intelligent design." The mock trial centered on a high school biology teacher who was fired for teaching creationist theories and is now trying to get her job back.
Here are the results from the audience (with the percentages rounded up):

–36 percent believed she shouldn't get her job back because she strayed from the accepted standards for a high school biology class.
–2 percent believed she shouldn't get her job back, but for other reasons.
–31 percent thought she should be given her job back unconditionally (meaning she could continue to present research by young earth scientists that challenges evolution).
–4 percent thought she should get her job back, if she agrees to stop including young earth science research as part of her teaching.
–28 percent thought she should keep her job, if she agrees to make it clear when teaching young earth research that most scientists reject that research and accept evolution as the explanation for the origins of the Earth and its plant and animal life.