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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Planetarium Explains Earth's Ancient Age

"Many independent lines of scientific evidence show that the Earth and universe are billions of years old. Current measurements yield an age of about 4.6 billion years for the Earth and about 14 billion years for the universe," reads a statement released by the International Planetarium Society, which also explains how these ages are determined (through diverse research, often from different measurements of different physical principles, and by competing research teams). "These measurements of age," the statements goes on, "are accepted by nearly all astronomers, including both research astronomers and planetarium educators. These astronomers come from nations and cultures around the world and from a very wide spectrum of religious beliefs."


Melissa said...

To understand our existence, we must realize how our perceptions misrepresent reality. They allow us to survive and function, but do not reflect what is really "out there." The notion that matter and time are illusions is both startling and fascinating. If we saw reality, we would see nothing, since the universe is only energy and information. Even more incredible is the leading theory on the origin of the universe, which asserts that it began from a dimensionless point. During the last several decades, leading scientists have concluded that our world is both mental and spiritual. Leo Kim explains all of this in his book, "Healing the Rift", it explores all of this in great depth.