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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sam Harris & Rick Warren Debate God

"You can have your spirituality. You can go into a cave and practice meditation and transform yourself, and then we can talk about why that happened and how it could be replicated. We may even want, for perfectly rational reasons, to say we want a Sabbath in this country, a genuine Sabbath. Let's realize that there's a power in contemplating the mystery of the universe, and in reminding yourself how much you love the people closest to you, and how much more you could love the people you haven't met yet. There is nothing you have to believe on insufficient evidence in order to talk about that possibility," philosopher and hardcore atheist Sam Harris (who's now getting a doctorate in neuroscience) tells Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren in a "God Debate" in Newsweek. With the magazine's editor, Jon Meacham, moderating, Warren and Harris have an honest (and contentious) conversation in which they share their views on the existence of God, how the Bible should be read, whether prayer works, and the best way to think about morality, altruism, and spirituality.