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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Music Machine Tries to Show Some Creativity

A group of researchers from the University of Granada have used artificial technology to develop a software program that tries to imitate human creativity. The Intelligent Multiagent Music System, shortened to Inmamusys, composes original music on its own, which could be a better alternative to the repetitive canned music that now gets played in public places like hospitals, the researcher say. The details are complicated, but the idea behind Inmamusys, they say, was to create a system that automatically creates music that has "the correct degree of emotiveness (in order to manage the environment created) and originality (guaranteeing that the tunes composed are not repeated, and are original and endless)."
Creating music "is usually something done by human beings, although they do not understand how they do it," says Miguel Molina-Solana, a member of the research team. "In reality, there are numerous processes involved in the creation of music and, unfortunately, we still do not understand many of them. Others are so complex that we cannot analyze them, despite the enormous power of current computing tools. ... One of the most difficult facets of all to reproduce is creativity." —Heather Wax