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Monday, June 15, 2009

Field Notes

Who Goes to a Creation Museum—and Why?
Britain has its own creationist museum, in Portsmouth, Hampshire. But its size and popularity is dwarfed by that of its Kentucky counterpart. (Peter Jackson, BBC News)

Religion's Influence Depends on How We See God
Andrew Newberg: There seems to be little question that when people view God as loving, forgiving, compassionate and supportive, this more likely results in a very positive view of themselves, and of the world around them. But when God is viewed as dispassionate, vengeful and unforgiving, this can have deleterious effects on one's physical and mental health. (USA Today)

Science Teacher Who Kept Bible on his Desk Sues School District
An Ohio school teacher fired over accusations that he preached Christianity in class says in a $1 million lawsuit that his free speech and civil rights were violated. John Freshwater, an eighth-grade teacher in Mount Vernon, northeast of Columbus, also says he was harassed because of his religion, was defamed and suffered a hostile work environment. (Andrew Welsh-Huggins, Associated Press)

Fighting Radicalism and Terrorism With Religious Discourse and Education
As Yemen attempts to handle the crisis of the moment, the country looks to its religious dialogue efforts as a possible counter-balance to the religious extremism that fuels kidnapping and Al Qaeda. Human rights activists caution that the programs, however, don't always translate into practical transformation. (Laura Kasinof, Christian Science Monitor)

Jehovah's Witnesses Face Serious Risk During Childbirth
Pregnant women who are Jehovah's Witnesses are six times more likely to die during childbirth and three times more likely to have serious complications than the general population, according to a new study by Dutch researchers. (Daniel Burke, Religion News Service)


Anonymous said...

I think that it is right to sue the teacher who was preaching Christianity in school if the school was paid by US tax payers. If the school is a Christian school then it's another matter. This country was founded on principles that the church should stay out of the government because if not, what religion should be taught? It is very hard to keep our freedoms nowadays with all the Christian Fundamentalists who want to impose their ideas on everyone else.