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Monday, September 8, 2008

More on Sarah Palin, Evolution, & Creationism

FROM THE REV. DR. ROBERT LeFAVI, AUTHOR OF THE 2:4 SOLUTION: Within hours of Gov. Sarah Palin's nomination for the vice presidency, the evolution-creation controversy was resurrected by the media. As the election nears, this issue will only draw more attention and may be a flash point in the race for Palin, who has gone on record supporting the teaching of creationism along with scientific evolution in public schools.
Does this issue mandate that we pick sides? Does science have to be pitted against religion in a winner-take-all battle? And what about those who espouse Judeo-Christian beliefs who also have grown to value science and all it has to offer? Must they cast aside one or the other? Can creation and evolution ever be reconciled in a way that gives credence to both sides?
The creation-evolution debate requires that we address these questions—questions I tackle in my book The 2:4 Solution, which is well-suited for study groups at churches and universities.
Using the best of science and theology, the book attempts to reconcile for readers the different answers to the question of our origins, and it's aimed especially at those who value science and might discard an orthodox concept of God because of what they see as a naive and outdated biblical understanding of creation. Can you be a good Christian and not believe in a literal six-day creation? My answer is "Yes!"


Carole B. Belgrade said...

In my world view, creationism to some degree a very narrow inteperation of the Bible. As a primary source document; much of these canionial texts are handed down by oral tradition/mythology, filtered through community contextual references and political implications. The two creation 'stories' documented in Genesis could be viewed as a completation of various cultural explanations dealing with the beginning of the human race and mother earth.