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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sir John Templeton Dies

Sir John Templeton, a mutual fund manager turned philanthropist who established the Templeton Foundation to explore the "big questions" of science and religion (and who many believe is, in large part, responsible for the modern movement to study the relationship between the two), died today of pneumonia in the Bahamas. He was 95.


Thomas Jay Oord said...

I and many scholars owe a great deal to Sir John. His vision and resources offered us opportunities to explore and do research that we hope will become progress in our day. We owe John for helping us.

I am especially grateful for Sir John's vision of the importance of love research. While some may think supporting research at the science and religion interface is unorthodox, even more question the wisdom of supporting research on love! But, thankfully, Sir John is not one to let his critics sway him.

I and many others are the fortunate recipients of the fruit of Sir John's gracious stubbornness! May others follow in his generous footsteps...

Thomas Jay Oord