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Friday, July 25, 2008

TV Series Tries to Get Closer to Truth

Watch your PBS listings this summer for the next installment in the Close to Truth TV series, created and executive produced by Robert Lawrence Kuhn. Kuhn, who also hosts the series, assembled more than 12o of the world's leading scientists, philosophers, and theologians for 39 episodes, divided equally among three core subject areas: consciousness (brain, mind, free will, personal identity, alien intelligence, parapsychology), the cosmos (cosmology, fundamental physics, philosophy of cosmology and physics, emergence, science and religion), and God (philosophy of religion, philosophical theology, atheism, critical thinking). Those familiar with the field of science and religion will recognize many of the people Kuhn interviews. But the conversations here are especially candid and intimate, with these experts revealing their personal thoughts and opinions—and how they are getting "closer to the truth."
Kuhn takes viewers along on his “journey to find new understandings of ourselves and our world,” he says in a press release. “Our experts are some of the most creative and astute thinkers. The novelty and vigor of their ideas, their open-mindedness and sense of wonder, help frame what science and new knowledge will bring us in the future. Such innovative thinking expands what it means to be human and can help each of us prepare more knowledgeably for the complex choices in life that we have to make.”
In the meantime, be sure to check out the really cool, interactive companion Web site, with never-before-seen video clips, participant bios, and more about the series. “I do not promise that you will find Ultimate Truth," says Kuhn. "I do promise that you will be exhilarated … getting Closer To Truth.” (Thanks to the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences for the tip) —Heather Wax