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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Michael Shermer Says God & Science Don't Mix

"The problem with all of these attempts at blending science and religion may be found in a single principle: A is A. Or: Reality is real," writes Skeptic magazine's Michael Shermer in a piece on the failures of "intelligent design" in today's Ottawa Citizen. "To attempt to use nature to prove the supernatural is a violation of A is A. It is an attempt to make reality unreal. A cannot also be non-A. Nature cannot also be non-Nature. Naturalism cannot also be supernaturalism. Believers can have both religion and science as long as there is no attempt to make A non-A, to make reality unreal, to turn naturalism into supernaturalism. The Separate-Worlds Model in which science and religion deal with completely different subjects is the only way to do this. Thus, the most logically coherent argument for theists is that God is outside of time and space; that is, God is beyond nature - super nature, or supernatural - and therefore cannot be explained by natural causes. This places the God question outside the realm of science."