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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Christian Physicist Out to "Save Darwin"

Saving Darwin: How to Be a Christian and Believe in Evolution hits the bookshelves today. The book is written by Karl Giberson, a physics professor at Eastern Nazarene College, the director of the Forum on Faith and Science at Gordon College, and the former editor of Science & Theology News. He wrote the book, he says, "to build a bit of a bridge between two cultures at odds with each other: the scientific community and American evangelicalism. I have lived in both cultures and am dismayed at how far apart they are." Giberson heads out on book tour tomorrow, and will be blogging for us from the road as he tries to convince people they can believe in both evolution and God. Stay tuned.


Steve Martin said...

Hi Heather,
Looking forward to your tour blogs. BTW, Karl took part in a 13-part blog series on my site on the topic of "Evangelicals, Evolution, and Academics". Karl's post was the 8th in the series (posted yesterday) and was entitled Evolution in Public Schools: A Threat or a Challenge.

M. Peterson said...

Excellent book! Must read! Very accessible.

Preserves the integrity of science while being religiously sensitive and encouraging the harmony, in principle, of science and religion. Corrects religious misunderstandings of science.