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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ted Turner & Churches Fight Malaria Together

Ted Turner's United Nations Foundation has joined forces with The People of the United Methodist Church and Lutheran World Relief to launch a 200 million dollar health program to fight malaria in Africa. Turner, the founder the CNN, has made some disparaging remarks about religion in the past, but says his thinking on religion has developed, and he now regrets his negative comments. "Religion is one of the bright spots as far as I'm concerned, even though there are some areas, like everything else, where they've gone over the top a little," Turner said at a news conference announcing the initiative. "But I'm sure God, wherever he is, wants to see us get along with one another and love one another." The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation gave the joint project a 10 million dollar grant to help publicize the program in churches. "You've got to have faith to build a better world," says Turner. —Heather Wax