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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Evolution & the Evangelical Church in Germany

According to Reuters FaithWorld blog, the Evangelical Church in Germany (which is actually a federation of Protestant churches) has published a 22-page booklet called "The Origin of the World, the Theory of Evolution and the Belief in Creation in School," which essentially calls on teachers to not advocate creationism or "intelligent design" in the classroom. Tom Heneghan, who wrote the post and translates some of the booklet, says that there are a number of pages that discuss the relationship between science and religion—in the hope of "setting limits to both sides"—and that biblical literal creationism is called "unserious." The booklet also criticizes the new atheists, he says; while the church believes science explains the physical and natural world, it sees room for the creation story in exploring the ultimate purpose of life. "God the creator is part of this belief, but not creationism," Heneghan translates from the booklet. "So Protestant religion class," which are offered in public schools, "can discuss creationism," the booklet says, "but not advocate it." —Heather Wax