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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Music of "Angels & Demons"

Check out the original soundtrack to Angels & Demons, released today. Hans Zimmer, who composed the score, says he used a combination of orchestra and chorus to represent religion and electronics to represent science.
Zimmer has scored more than 100 films, including The Dark Knight, Frost / Nixon, Driving Miss Daisy, the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, and The Da Vinci Code. Angels & Demons hits theaters on Friday.


Anonymous said...

an extrordinary music, the axiology of the words is going up to the skyes , the relativism is poorly good and is having an orientation towards divinity...seems to be like divine memories are transfigurated in human .... also is making same erosion of sounds on his limits ...the effect is an enlargement of aria of sound and also a penetration like an opening in depth....seems to be like prayers , his is making accents on vocals A E I O U . ....he is riving the hearth...in soul and spirit ....seems to be like a confession ..........
but I use to much "seems to be "....because I never know if is a warrior ....anyway the resonance produced by sounds is beautiful....I hope he will advance .....towards perfection....I don't know to speak very well English(being a Romanian) , so I sorry for any misunderstood by exprimation....yahoo messenger ID: pisica_test...