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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Meet the 2009 Templeton-Cambridge Fellows

Ten journalists have been selected for this year’s Templeton-Cambridge Journalism Fellowships in Science & Religion. The diverse group—members of which hail from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada—will examine key concepts in the field of science and religion. The 2009 Templeton-Cambridge Journalism Fellows are: Edwin Cartlidge, freelance journalist; Rod Dreher, editorial columnist, The Dallas Morning News; Joel Garreau, reporter and editor, The Washington Post; Lauren Green, chief religion correspondent, Fox News Channel; Michael Hanlon, science editor, Daily Mail; Martin Levin, books editor, The Globe and Mail; Jori Lewis, freelance writer and radio journalist; Tara McKelvey, senior editor, The American Prospect; Elaine Storkey, presenter, BBC Radio 4 and freelance writer; and Amy Sullivan, senior editor, Time.
“With the deeper understanding they gain through the fellowship program, these journalists will be better able to promote a more informed public discussion of science and religion,” said Fraser Watts, a reader in theology and science at the University of Cambridge and co-director of the fellowships.
Fellows are provided a 15,000 dollar stipend, a book allowance, and travel expenses. The two-month program, running in June and July, begins with a week of preparatory study, followed by two weeks of intensive science-and-religion seminars at Queens’ College at the University of Cambridge. Five weeks of independent study follow, culminating in an oral presentation in July. — Kimberly Roots