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Monday, May 12, 2008

Mormon Biologist Says ID Has "Nothing of Value"

Steven Peck, an evolutionary biologist at Brigham Young University and a Mormon, has written a piece for The Salt Lake Tribune that strongly criticizes "intelligent design" for having "nothing of value" scientifically or religiously. What's worse, says Peck, is that ID pits science and religion against each other, promoting the false idea that evolution and faith are incompatible. The result, he says, are "misinformed people of faith," who diss science and dismiss its findings.
"Faith and science need not be enemies. I embrace both fully and without reservation. My religious convictions are part of who I am. My science and faith reciprocate and inform one another. They are part of the way I understand my place in the universe," Peck writes. "Intelligent Design does nothing to promote the search for understanding and cooperation between these two vital ways of knowing. It is a darkening of the mind on every level, both religiously and scientifically. Please do not let it be taught to my children as a science. It is bad for both religion and science." —Heather Wax