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Friday, December 7, 2007

Tenure Fight Continues at ISU

"Intelligent design" proponent Guillermo Gonzalez continues his tenure appeals at Iowa State University, where he currently serves as an assistant professor of physics and astronomy. This past spring, Gonzalez was denied tenure, a decision ISU President Gregory Geoffroy says was based on a review of scientific accomplishments but Gonzales claims was motivated by the school's discrimination and disapproval of his work on ID theory. According to the Discovery Institute (an ID think tank in Seattle where Gonzalez is a fellow), recently uncovered private emails between ISU faculty members indicate that they "secretly plotted" to oust Gonzalez from the school's faculty. The institute, which held a press conference on the emails in Des Moines at the beginning of the week, bases its case on isolated quotes and has yet to make the full texts of the emails available, leading some to question their validity as incriminating evidence. Gonzalez' position at ISU expires in May. —Stephen Mapes